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Affiliate Summit in Budapest

Meine Heimat lässt grüßen!

Come and take advantage of the event’s trademark activities including:

  • Strategic Conference Programme: Our conference sessions aim to provide a wealth of information from panels and presentations with exclusive insights from expert speakers.
  • Exhibition: With an expected 70+ exhibitors this will be the biggest exhibition in the industry, offering more stands and a larger space for meetings in one huge hall. Maximise your business without leaving the room.
  • Networking: The relaxed atmosphere of our events encourages the open exchange of ideas and experiences. With over 1,200 people attending, you will have plenty of opportunities to network with affiliates, affiliate managers, operators and speakers.
  • ASOP: For the first time the Affiliate Series of Poker is open for everyone to compete, play with the chance to win big, big prizes.
  • Party! The best, exclusive parties every night: Need we say more?!
  • Free Admission for ALL Affiliates! The BAC has extended its admission policy to encourage new affiliate attendees by opening its doors to all iGaming affiliates, eliminating the requirements of CAP Forum membership as a prerequisite for free attendance. Likewise, all affiliate programs will be charged the same low rate to exhibit and attend, regardless of their certification membership. Extending its open door policy, BAC invites affiliate forums, affiliate portals and affiliate organisations to join the show.
Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit

For some more informations, download the BAC brochure here.

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